sabato, aprile 01, 2017


I a started reading this and I had a sudden enlightenment on a related topic.

Nowadays, it is actually possible to engineer everything you would like to, given enough time and resources, something like this or this or this (feel free to add anything you want, of course).

So, the true difference between success and failure is to do this with little resources available. 

To convince you, note that this was not true, say, 500 years ago. Many things were just not known. You barely had some understanding of scientific method (actually, you would have had to wait 15 more years) at your disposal. No matter how hard you would have tried, you could not fly to the moon. Period.

Today, actually, you could send people to Mars, starships to Proxima Centauri, eradicate malaria and maybe also find the limits of quantum mechanics and general relativity.

The art is now to do it without resources. We had a shift from in-depth reflection to tactical thinking. I find it most fascinating and I also find that this will lead to a reevaluation of humanities. If this not anymore that important to have the most profound technical-scientific knowledge, it becomes more and more important to understand interactions between individuals while working toward a goal, to identify cognitive biases leading to poor decisions and to assess the true, often non technical motivations between apparently technical opinions.